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It’s where kids get connected!


Join now* to become an official member and get your free membership packet filled with really cool stuff.


As a member of our Kids Club, you’ll learn all about what we do here at DSG. Plus, you’ll get a chance to participate in fun contests where you can win lots of really neat prizes! 


*You must be between the ages of 5 -12 and related to a DSG customer or employee owner to join.

Happy Kids Huddle



Meet Wheelz!


At DSG, Wheelz is an important part of the Kids Club team. His favorite thing to do is play games. Wheelz is very excited about the Kids Club because it has lots of fun things to do, like contests with cool prizes!

Who is DSG?


Dakota Supply Group (DSG) has been around for nearly 150 years with roots back to 1868. That’s a really long time!


We sell equipment and products to lots of people that need them to do their jobs, like electricians, plumbers, furnace technicians, utility workers, meter readers and telephone workers. We also build control panels, which help machines to work all by themselves, and help get running water to your house.


DSG has locations across Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Montana.

About Us


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